The death provider but I'm not MacGyver
I am the EQUALIZER gotta be the Equalizer

And a trained fighter the bullet viper like a Ghost rider
I am the EQUALIZER gotta be the Equalizer

the Venomous spider an accurate sniper Hitting every fiber

I am the EQUALIZER gotta be the Equalizer

Battlezone collider a hidden tiger when I am a striker

I am the EQUALIZER gotta be the Equalizer

VERSE 1️⃣☝🏿 00:53

and I'm Mr McCall a deadly fighter with Retaliation .
When in confrontation a ready striker with Annihilation
with a savage griffin im Scottie Pippin when I put the clippin
when in concentration a heavy sniper and validation
and a damnation the ghostwriter with a demonstration
with an obligation elimination and a dedication
and a standing ovation the gun clappin
without hesitation

when in activation I'm never lacking Extermination


automatic 47 with a mac 11
see heaven with a reverend when I shoot seven
magazine 17 and it's like Kevin
all green with a beam and it's like Kevin
the marine with a team what I keep reppin
red dots with the Glocks and a pine box
juggernauts sending shots when we brake locks
twist tops end clocks when the shells drop

Better end your operation today!! . with a blazing a kay VOICE EFFECT DEEP
And I S S Slaughter surgical Doctor/ with ch ch chopper
When You pray for rain!!
, You deal with mud!!, and That is the fee.

/In the eyes of killer /u look at me
voice deep scary - what do u see ?




And every decision my lethal vision is Calculated .
When I have permission a Tactician Annihilated .
And it's retribution an execution is Demonstrated .
Barbaric solution no prosecution when
Violated .
Termination camps I'm not the one when it Escalated .
Dedication champs a rising sun when I'm motivated .
Progress, not perfection direction is elevated .
I'm never depleted im killing foes in Slow-mo .
Enemies defeated it's all repeated a foe Foe .
It's repercussions I bring destruction when I wanna win
And over this dub, put u on ice /with this Mack 10 /.

Taking down an army in slow motion Searching reprisal .
Bullet rain its stormy I see an explosion With a battle rifle .