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About Kevlar-siickk

“Bulletproof.” “Hardcore.” “Raps like a machine gun.” Kevlar-siickk’s talents as a lyricist and hardcore rapper have earned him a reputation in his home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since his first performance in 2013, he’s gone on to work with artists like Bizzy Bone, Sticky Fingaz, RBX, Crooked I, Sophia Maria 702, The Game, and Dj Raphiki. 

 With a sound that’s not quite West Coast or East, not quite the predictable sounds you hear today, he’s creating original music that is no doubt influenced by legends of hip hop, like Tupac Shakur and Eminem. When he’s not working on his own rhymes, he’s working as a producer or collaborating with other artists. Read full bio

Kevlar-siickk with rapper 50 Cent

Kevlar-siickk and 50 Cent

Featured Tracks


"Yooo you be layin that heat!!!" 
  — Jadakiss 


One Of The Sickest Rappers that I've Heard !!!” - Producer Don P