A • I want freedom,  not only financially but I want it mentally  .
B • I mean free from hopeless chains and focus pains that agonize us all spiritually. 
C • No skittish actions over jacksons where  we all show constant  loyalty.
D•I want fair justice without deception or corruption ⚖  just parallel Equality. 
E • No blue steels thats kills for dollar bills  and lost royalties. 
F • No warfares or night mares of prayers of despairs of us trapped in this poverty .
G • I don't want  no rage, no cage no dark fate and  no hate from a disgruntled enemy.  
H • No steel bars  and no battle  scars  or  racism in these penitentiaries
I • I mean that We're sick of all of these miseries 
J •So I testify to the sky that that we're weary of traveling this road for centuries. 

We Want Our Fucking freedom!!!