My Music


by Kevlar-siickk

Verse 3 

With a glock feeder the death seeker when I lay them rounds 
And I spit that ether right thru your speakers and I'm breaking grounds 
Gotta be a preacher I'm a teacher 
When selling pounds 
And the milli-meter hot like a fever 
When I murder Nouns 
And I'm jeepers creepers I'm hunting sleepers on Da the battleground 
When I grab the reaper the soul eater when I hunt u down 
And I'm cold as freezers I'm giving seizures - When I'm with the Hounds 
Never entertaining or cam--paig-ning
When I murder Clowns 
Military training its 1 remaining I run these Towns 
When I make a bleeder I got the heater when I burst them rounds 
Better be a believer ill make a griever when I lay my bounds    
Automatic squeezer mathematic caesar give me my crowns

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Hardcore Rapper, Lyricist and Producer

 Kevlar-siickk considers his greatest strength to be his writing, because that’s where it all starts for him. He’s a poet, a lyricist, an artist. Yet he’s also a performer and that’s one of his great passions. Being on stage is where he is able to connect with people through his music, through his stories that are relatable, even though the circumstances might be different for him than for his fans. They’re grounded in real life. Raw. Vulnerable. They let you know that you’re not alone, that there’s hope, that you’ve got this.

With a sound that’s not quite West Coast or East, not quite the predictable sounds you hear today, Kevlar-siickk creates original music that is no doubt influenced by legends of hip hop.

“The first time I heard Tupac Shakur’s album ‘Me Against The World’, it changed my life,” he says. “I knew in that moment that I had to be a rapper. His lyrics were so clear, they had meaning, and his voice was like a magnet drawing you in.” 

That’s when it really took off for him. He also was drawn to others like Eminem who were at the top of their game, setting the bar higher and creating music that excited him. His earliest musical experiences though came from his musical family who gave him greats like Luther Vandross and The O’Jays. These and sounds of a church choir influenced his vocals and, more importantly, his love for music.  Read full bio


"Yooo you be layin that heat!!!"
  — Jadakiss 

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