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"Growing up in the notorious mafia city made me the lyricist and the man
that I am. This is my town,
this is my sound." 
— Kevlar-siickk   



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About Kevlar-siick

“Bulletproof.” “Hardcore.” “Raps like a machine gun.” Kevlar-siickk’s talents as a lyricist and hardcore rapper have earned him a reputation in his home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since his first performance in 2013, he’s gone on to work with artists like Bizzy Bone, Sticky Fingaz, RBX, Crooked I, Sophia Maria 702, The Game, and Dj Raphiki. 

When he’s not working on his own rhymes, he’s working as a producer or collaborating with other artists. He formed Veteran Union, a group he created to bring talented artists together to perform and create. His vision was to inspire and lift everyone up in a town not yet known for its music. He aims to change that. 

With a sound that’s not quite West Coast or East, not quite the predictable sounds you hear today, he’s creating original music that is no doubt influenced by legends of hip hop. “The first time I heard Tupac Shakur’s album ‘Me Against The World’, it changed my life,” he says. “I knew in that moment that I had to be a rapper. His lyrics were so clear, they had meaning, and his voice was like a magnet drawing you in.” 

That’s when it really took off for him. He also was drawn to others like Eminem who were at the top of their game, setting the bar higher and creating music that excited him.


His earliest musical experiences though came from his musical family who gave him greats like Luther Vandross and The O’Jays. These and sounds of a church choir influenced his vocals and, more importantly, his love for music. 

Kevlar-siickk considers his greatest strength to be his writing, because that’s where it all starts for him. He’s a poet, a lyricist, an artist. Yet he’s also a performer and that’s one of his great passions. Being on stage is where he is able to connect with people through his music, through his stories that are relatable, even though the circumstances might be different for him than for his fans. They’re grounded in real life. Raw. Vulnerable. They let you know that you’re not alone, that there’s hope, that you’ve got this.  

He’s driven by a deep sense of purpose, rooted in a childhood filled with health issues that almost ended it all for him. Dubbed a “miracle baby”, he was supposed to die at any moment during his first 2 years spent in the hospital. But he fought and survived — and that’s the same fight that drives him as an artist today.  

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